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The Tunnel Saz Machine Company has been established and started to form a competent and skilled team in the field of operational activities of high-powered tunnels.
Over the duration of this period, the team has succeeded in gathering experienced experts in various fields including hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, electronics, management, and supply management, and has been able to provide worthy services of attention to ongoing and implemented mechanized projects in the country.
Since the supply of special spare parts and tunnelling equipment, and the provision of specialized services, is particularly important and has always been among the problems of employers, this Company has been set up requirements to meet this need and provide an efficient team of searching, retrieving and procuring these items for appropriate response to needs of different projects.
By providing these services and endeavours to update authorities and transfer the latest technology and equipment to the country's mechanized drilling system, the company is proud to announce that currently provides over 80% Domestic mechanized drilling projects and have been able to play a role, in this area of the country's executive activities.