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Start of AVN 1600 excavating on Fath Highway

Tunnel Saz Machine Company with its Micro Tunneling Machine, AVN 1600 has started excavation on Fath Highway in regard of collecting and conducting surface waters of Fath highway, Interval domain of Azadegan highway to Golha Boulevard.
Considering the growing urban texture in districts 21 and 22, and the lack of completion in the main and semi-subsurface networks whole surface waters there, the development of the surface water network in these areas was the latest edition of the comprehensive plan for water management in Tehran and its implementation studies on this agenda. So In this regard, the project has been defined and started its implementation by AVN 1600 Micro tunneling machine under experiences of Tunnel Saz Machine Company professional engineers and manpower
The purpose of the project is to collect surface waters of the Fath highway (between Azadegan highway and Golha Blvd) and (indicate the 50 years old flooded to the upper drainage channel (the canal on the Fath highway and end of the Ken River).

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  • Date: Sunday, July 22, 2018
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