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    Underground surveying is a branch of the geology engineering field, which includes tunnel design, operations and drilling guidance, and finally the removal of natural and artificial spaces underground in special environmental conditions. In underground surveying, especially in underground surveying, for Long Term Tunnel Projects Due to the special environmental conditions, all of the classic mapping observations are affected by errors, and experiences in these situations and technical knowledge can play a significant role in identifying and eliminating these errors.

    Additionally, the dominance of various mapping systems such as TACS, ZED, VMT, PPS, which are designed and installed on devices by TBM device makers, are also factors that influence the correct and error-free operation of tunnels in terms of mapping coordinates.

    Tunnel Saz Machine mapping experts with the necessary experience and familiarity with different mapping systems from successful implementation of various projects are ready to provide executive services and consultancy in this regard to respectable employers.

    It should be noted that Tunnel Saz Machine Company is the representative of sales and after-sales services of the German TACS Company in Iran, and in addition to the possibility of providing technical and commercial services in this field, is ready to provide a complete system of mapping and its installation also